Established in the year 1991, Alternative Medical Council Calcutta, has introduced Alternative System of Medicine, which has given a positive result in a negligence to follow alternative system of medicine. These have high efficiency, cost effective and safety, which is used in the process of restoration of its status & importance to enhance the quality of life. We are backed by practical, scientifically sound and socially accepted medical method and technologically advanced state-of-the-art laboratory.


Alternative medicines exist in all cultures to sum degrees in various forms such as Traditional Medicines, Indigenous Medicines, Folk Medicines, Holistic Medicines and Oriental medicines etc. This medicines date back hundred or even thousand of years depending on the country and culture concerned. We are among the few in the field of Holistic System of Medicine to provide useful courses with proper scientific syllabus to the aspiring medical students.


Our students are provided with the opportunity to participate in Local/National/International conferences organized by us. These events are the annual feature, which provide students with a platform to exchange ideas and information, interact with practitioners and therapists of international repute, and generally broaden their horizons.


Under the able guidance of our secretary of council, Ramesh Ch. Baidya, we are able to cast over the public health. His vast medical experience in the field of Alternative System of Medicine, which has an age-old history in the treatment of ailing humanity can play an effective role in the life of human being in Physical, mental and spiritual spheres. He also realized that medical world is turning its face towards rediscovering the wealth of age-old traditional medicine rather than the allopathic. It is safe, secure and less expensive. In this periphery AMCC was set up, in the year 1991 to propagate the Alternative System of Medicine for the best interest of human development.

Company Factsheet

Basic Information
IndiaMART TrustSeal
Nature of Business
Service Provider
Company CEO
R. C. Baidya
Registered Address
Barasat, Helabattala, Krishnagar Road, Kolkata- 700 125, West Bengal , India
Services of Complimentary, Alternative, Holistic, Herbal Therapy, and Paramedical sciences.
Total Number of Employees
11 to 25 People
Year of Establishment
Legal Status of Firm
Registered Society Registered under Societies Registration Act 1860
Mr. Ramesh C. Baidya
Annual Turnover
Rs. 50 Lakh - 1 Crore
Location Type
Building Infrastructure
Size of Premises
800 square feet
Space Around
Front porch
Company USP
Quality Measures / Testing Facilities
Statutory Profile
Pan No.
Registration Authority
West Bengal
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Packaging/Payment and Shipment Details
Customized Packaging

A Pavement Towards Quality Experience

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One of the major principle’s of holistic system of medicine is that the optimal health is much more than of the absence of disease. It is the conscious pursuit of the highest qualities of the physical, environmental, spiritual and social aspects of the human experience. Our conference is to gift the global citizen a convenient and safe pavement towards this quality experience.

Some Related Programme Of AMCC

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To ensure good public health and easy access of medical services, following are some related programs of AMCC:

  • To launch Medical Services that covers every inch of this holly land.
  • To arrange regular free medical check up for the students in school / College / University level
  • To run dispensaries in poor & ultra poor areas through different social organizations.
  • To arrange voluntary Blood donation camp
  • To arrange Awareness programs against the deadly diseases & health hazards like AIDS, Drug Addiction, Leprosy, T.B. etc.
  • To detect thalassemia carriers.


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The major ore challenges to the use of alternative medicines include the lack of organized networks of the practitioners in this system. There is a times need for measures to protect, preserve and spread the traditional knowledge. To overcome the aforesaid adversity and to fulfill the need, Alternative Medical Council, Calcutta arranges its unique conference, seminar, workshop and other scientific events which served as a common platform of sharing uninvented knowledge and wisdom in the field of sustainable health care services.

Award Presentation And Convocation:

  • One of the major principles of holistic system of medicine is that the optimal health is much more than of the absence of disease. It is the conscious pursuit of the highest qualities of the physical, environmental, spiritual and social aspects of the human experience. Our conference is to gift the global citizen a convenient and safe pavement towards this quality experience.

Route-Map of Physician-Patient Relationship:

  • Our conference is a route map on which the practitioners can find their destination of ideal physician-patient relationship, considering the needs, desires, awareness and insight of the patient as well as those of the physicians. Physicians significantly influence patients by their example. This conference is a unique way to increase one’s practical knowledge by sharing personal experiences.

Integration of Knowledge and Wisdom:

  • Our conference is a humble attempt with the presence of a number of dignitaries in the health care sector, to integrate the best of modern day technologies with the wisdom of the practice of medicine from the past, representing the next stage in the evolution of health care to the superlative degree.

Wellness Line:

  • As more and more people are being attracted to alternative medicine, the willingness to consider alternative medicine, the willingness to consider alternative therapies is also beginning to spread it up to the everyday health care issues. Our conference represents itself as a sustainable wellness line equipped with the trained holistic practitioners who answer all kinds of health care questions publicly.


  • Students / Practitioners in any system of medicines or persons having a keen interest in health awareness and health care issues can proudly join this conference to share practical knowledge and expertise in field of advance medical system.

Alternative Medicine

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The term Alternative Medicine means form of medicine that is outside the main stream of western medicine. Alternative medicines exist in all cultures to sum degrees and terms such as traditional medicines, indigenous medicines, folk medicines, holistic medicines and oriental medicines are used to describe such practice. This medicines date back hundred or even thousand of years depending on the country and culture concerned. Alternative medicine is a comprehensive term applied to all methods of treating diseases, which aim at co-operating with the natural forces and defensive mechanism of the body.   The roots of holistic medicine are ancient system of healing that integrates the areas of the body, mind and spirit developed over thousands of years in the east depending on the country and culture concerned. By integrating the ancient ideas of the east with the modern western biochemical and technological knowledge, the foundation for holistic medicine treatment should be built. This synthesis of the east with the west can help us in the modern world to overcome health problems and to utilize our fullest principles to live creatively as full-integrated individuals.   As two thirds of the worlds population (mainly in the third world countries) relies entirely on the traditional medical therapies. The World Health Organization has declared its intention actively to encourage the traditional medicines worldwide in order to that their goal of health for all by the year 2000 AD can be attained. The W.H.O has pledged itself a realistic approach to traditional medicines in the lights of modern science in order to discourage harmful practices and encourage useful ones and to promote the integration of proven valuable knowledge and the traditional and western medicines. The expert of the W.H.O have identified more than 150 systems of alternative medicines such as Homeopathy, Biochemical, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Shiatsu Therapy, Magneto therapy, Yoga, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Herbalism etc. still into practice in the various parts of the world.

Codes Of Ethics

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Duties of Practitioners in General:

  • A practitioner must always maintain the highest standards of professional conduct towards both the individual and society.
  • A practitioner must not allow himself to be influenced merely by motives or profit.

The following practices are deemed unethical:

  • Self-advertisement except what is expressly authorized by the code of ethics.
  • Taking part in any plan of medical care in which the practitioner does not have professional independence.
  • Receiving any funds in connection with services rendered to a patient other than the acceptance of a proper professional fee or to any money in the same circumstances without the knowledge of the patient such as commissions, kickbacks and gifts.
  • Under no circumstances is a practitioner permitted to do anything that would weaken the physical or mental resistance of a human being except for strictly therapeutic or prophylactic indications imposed in the interest of the patient.
  • A practitioner is advised to use great caution in publishing discoveries. The same applies to methods of treatment whose value is not yet recognized by the profession at large.
  • When a practitioner is called upon to give evidence in court on a legal matter or issue a certificate, he should only state that which he can verify. No hearsay should by include.

Duties of the Practitioner to the patient:

  • A practitioner must always bear in mind the importance of preserving all life from the time of conception until death.
  • A practitioner owes to his patient complete loyalty and all the resources of his therapy. Whenever an examination or treatment is beyond his capacity he should summon another practitioner, who has the necessary ability, immediately.
  • A practitioner owes to his patient absolute secrecy on all events which have been confided to him or which he knows because of the confidence entrusted to him.
  • A practitioner must give the necessary treatment in an emergency unless he is assured that it can and will be given by another in due time.
  • Every patient has the right to expect a complete and thorough examination of his disorder and those accurate records will be kept.
  • A practitioner should unceasingly, in the interests of his patients improve his knowledge and skill continuously.

Duties of Practitioners to Each Other:

  • A practitioner ought to behave towards his colleagues to create mutual trust.
  • A practitioner must not entice patients from his colleagues.
  • A practitioner must observe all the principles and guidelines laid down by Alternative Medical Council Calcutta.

The Practitioner and Commercial Undertakings:

  • A general ethical principle is that a practitioner should not associate himself with commerce in such a way as to let it influence, or appear to influence, his attitude towards the treatment of his patients.
  • Testimonials or laudatory certificates, whether for publication or not, of any appliance or apparatus or dressing or any medicinal preparation or any cosmetic or food should not be given by a practitioner.
  • Practitioners should not sanction the quotation of an extract from any publication or report for the purpose of the trade except with the authority of Alternative Medical Council Calcutta.

Our Strategy

Our organization depends on the Holistic Healing Science. This is extracted from the ancient indians wisdom, which is persuaded to open a new and natural vista for a happy and healthy globe. In order to provide a diverse frame work for action to enable alternative system of medicines to play a firm role in reducing excess mortality and morbidity, especially among impoverished populations in the rural and slum areas, we have set a up a unique strategy.

Our Aim Our Main Objectives

The major challenges to the use of alternative/complementary medicine include the lack of organized networks of practitioners in this field. In this context, AMCC takes the role of a common platform to holds our main objectives in regard of alternative/complementary medicines.

Details are:

  • Framing a firm policy that fully matches with the government sector in respect of holistic medicines.
  • Enhancing safety and efficiency of these systems.
  • Ensuring easy assess of holistic treatment.
  • Promoting rational use of holistic medicines.

    Payment Mode

    The total fees should be sent along with photocopies of your qualification certificates (academic qualifications), admit & mark sheets, six (6) passport size photographs and the filled in Form. Mail it through Courier Services or Speed Post to Alternative Medical Council Calcutta, Barasat, Helabattala and Kolkata 700125.

    The fees can be remitted by any of the following manners:

    • By bank to bank. Deposit the fees in the name of Alternative Medical Council Calcutta.
    • AXIS Bank Ltd A/C No. 021010200001238 (Current), Nabapally Branch, (IFS code no. UTIB0000021)
    • State Bank of India A/C No. 30258396460 (Current), Colony More Branch. (IFS code no. SBIN0010090)
    • By demand draft or by bankers cheque: The Demand Draft / Bankers Cheque should be drawn in favor of Alternative Medical Council Calcutta from any Bank payable at Barasat and send to Alternative Medical Council Calcutta, Barasat, Helabattala and Kolkata-700125.

    By wire transfer (the best and easiest way of transferring the fees):

    • Details of wire transfer through AXIS Bank (from any country outside India)
    • Swift Code: AXISINBB005
    • Name of Banker: Axis Bank, Nabapally, Barasat, Kolkata, India
    • Name of the Beneficiary: (i) Alternative Medical Council Calcutta (PAN - AABAA0451H)
    • Account No. of the Beneficiary: 021010200001238 (Current A/c)
    • Name of the Beneficiary: (ii) Barasat Human Welfare Foundation (PAN- AAAAB6025F)
    • Account No. of the Beneficiary : 021010100525572 (Savings A/c)
    • Name of the Bank: Axis Bank
    • Address: Nabapally, Sangam Market, Barasat, Kolkata-700126, India

    By International Money Order (IMO) to:

    Ramesh Chandra Baidya (Secretary)
    Alternative Medical Council Calcutta
    Barasat, Helabattala, Kolkata-700125, India.
    Ph: 0091-033-2542 5572 Fax: 0091-033-2542 4072
    Mob: 09239048812

    By Credit Card:

    • In case of payment by credit card, please fill up the online form for the desired course and thereafter, click on the option for credit card payment which will lead you to a form where you need to fill up the required details for credit card payment.

      Why Us

      We are one of the primary organizations of the nation, engaged in the field of Alternative Medicines. We have a membership of over 50,000 practitioners and over 200 affiliated centers all across the country and 2,000 centers across the globe. For many of the medical students it may be one of the prime decisions that you will have to make about your choices with medical institutions. What to study and where have a distinguished impact on your prospects and future career in the ultra advanced medical world.

      Here are some reasons for choosing our council:

      • Health care is one of the fastest growing industries in work force today. Joining the powerhouse industry now is not only a smart move, but it is also likely to be hugely rewarding as well. You’ll be able to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of patients every year, which is a noble calling indeed. In addition, the health care industry offers many different occupational possibilities as well, allowing people of all interests to find a particular niche that suits them best. Examples of specialty fields within holistic health care are Alternative Medicines, Massage Therapy, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Counseling, Dental health, Clinic Management, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Radiology, Nursing and many other exciting careers. You can get scientific training in such subjects under AMCC.
      • In the field of Health Education, AMCC gives you the easy access to a huge range of Medical/ Paramedical courses in complementary medicine that are designed to be flexible to match your needs.
      • The safety and effectiveness of the therapies/treatments taught under the course curriculum of this council are well established i.e. through scientific trials they do no harm when used under defined conditions and there is a likelihood of benefit from these practices applied under typical conditions by average practitioner for the typical patient.
      • Whether you are already in the health care field or are just getting started, the online health and medicine courses provided by AMCC can help you to further your goal of helping others improve their physical and spiritual health.
      • AMCC is the most friendly, approachable council that invites student from many walks of life around the globe.
      • We give value to your time and money
      • The council is located in the cultural heart of India i.e. Calcutta, the city of joy and life.
      • Those who already have expertise in the health care field can open a training centre and get affiliated with us to further this noble mission of eradicating suffering and illness.
      • AMCC has set it’s objectives for a process of health education with a functional quality control mechanism, that can ensure producing competent practitioners.

        Reminder Notice

                                                                                     Alternative Medical Council Calcutta                                                                                             NOTICE - 2012 Legal Paper & Certificate
        Dear Practitioner,   The council would like to inform you in particular that we are providing documents, mentioned below, to our practitioner. Scheduled fees have to be paid by Demand Draft (D.D.) drawn in favour of Baidya International Publication and sent to the Council’s address. You can directly submit the fees to council’s head office. After receiving scheduled fees, your paper will be sent to you by post.
        Legal Paper & Certificate Fee

        1.       N.O.C                    Rs. 3500
        2.       Transcript            Rs. 3500
        3.       Legal Paper         Rs. 1500                                                    Internet Facility   Dear Practitioner,      
              Council has arranged to upload your name, address, photo, registration number, admit card, marksheet etc. through internet which you can view in your own state. To avail this internet facility, you need to send the following documents to council’s address i.e. 2 passport size photographs, photo copy of your certificate & a Demand Draft (D.D.) with internet fees drawn in favour of Baidya International Publication. Fees can be submitted directly to council’s head office. If you fail to pay internet fees your records won’t be uploaded in internet.
        Internet fees a) 1 year – Rs.500  b)  Lifetime – Rs.2550       Alt. Med Practitioner Directory with Internet Facility (Global)

        Dear Practitioner,                         
                 A Alternative Medical Practitioner Directory of International slandered will be published shortly in which name of alternative practitioner will be enlisted. You can include your name in this directory and collect one for yourself. Send a Demand Draft (D.D.) of Rs.500 drawn in favour of Baidya International Publication to council’s address for booking. Once your payment for directory is received by the council it will be sent to you by post as it gets published. Directory Price is Rs.1000.    

        Last Chance for Renewal -

                              (If you have not get your Renewal Card yet, 
                                         Please Call 033-25425572)

        Dear Practitioner,           
              You are notably informed that if you have missed your penultimate opportunity to renew your Registration certificate by 31st. October’ 2012. the council is offering  you a Last chance to get your certificate renewed. You are advised to get your certificate renewed within 31st. October’ 2012. You need to fill up the form provided herewith and send it to council’s address along with 2 passport size photos, photo copy of your certificate and a Demand Draft (D.D) with renewal fees drawn in favour of Baidya International Publication. You can pay your fees directly to council’s head office. Failure to renew your certificate will result in cancellation of your Registration from council records. 
        Renewal fees: a)  1  year- Rs. 500  b) Lifetime – Rs. 2550

        How To Pay Your Fees -

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        By Bank to Bank: - Deposit the fees in the name of Baidya International Publication.

        • Union Bank Of India A/C No. 569901010050229 (IFSC–UBIN0556998), Barasat Branch
        • AXIS Bank A/C No. 021010200021155(IFSC–UTIB0000021) Nabapally Branch
        • State Bank Of India A/C No.30258024967(IFSC-SBIN0010090), Colony More Branch.

        By Bank Draft :
        The Bank Draft(D.D.)should be drawn in favour of Baidya International Publication from any Bank.

        • Enquiry Phone : (033) 2542 4072
        • Contact Person –Mrs. P. Roy For Internet Directory & Renewal etc.
        • Enquiry Phone : (033)2542 5572
        • Contact Person –Mrs. M. Ganguly For N.O.C, Legal Paper & Course details for admission.
        • N.B : Don’t send anywhere other than Baidya International Publication.

        Admission Form

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        Payment Modes

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